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Michelle's Platform

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Parents Rights

Parents/Guardians are the ones to make education and medical decisions for their children. Through love, Parents/Guardians nurture, comfort, and protect. They know what’s best for their child. Parents should have the right to opt out their child from subjects that go against their beliefs and values.

School Choice

School choice should be made available to all parents/guardians. If a child excels in math and science, they should be able to attend a school that best meets their needs.

Quality Education

Every child has the right to a quality education. It’s the responsibility of school districts to provide it in a safe environment.

Outdoor Education
Speaking at Conference


Public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars. It’s important to be transparent as to how and where money is spent. This information should be easily found on the district’s website without having to submit a records request form.


School boards must be good stewards with public money and held accountable to taxpayers for how and why money is used the way it is.

In the school

School Safety

There’s nothing more precious than the life of a child. As board members, it’s our responsibility to ensure they, teachers and staff are protected
while on campus.

By the Lockers
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