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Why I am running for SVUSD School Board Trustee Area 3

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

I retired early and took a significant reduction in income to run for SVUSD Trustee

Area 3. My passion is to help this, and future generations receive a quality

education in a safe environment. To me, it’s worth the income loss to know my

efforts will make a lasting difference.

As a mom, grandmother and someone who led hands-on, educational activities

and tours I’m concerned about the direction our education system has been

going. We must return to the basics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts,

Math (STEAM), comprehension, writing and reading. We must bring back AP

courses and encourage students to think for themselves while supporting their

success and provide additional resources to anyone needing them. Students

should know how to live within a budget, write a job resume, and interview

before graduating. Not all students are meant to attend a four-year college or

university. As a school district we need to offer more trade training courses so

graduating students can immediately enter the workforce, and earn good salaries.

My mom was a special education teacher’s aide. She loved her job and cared

greatly about students, parents and teachers. I witnessed how physically

demanding it was on her. She often spoke about how these were forgotten

students. There weren’t enough funds for necessary supplies and equipment in

addition to needing more aides for the large number of students. Special

Education teachers hold a place in my heart, and I’ll work diligently to ensure

students and teachers needs are met.

Over 25% of SVUSD students are English learners. They need more time and

attention than teachers with a full class size can provide. I will propose additional

aides be hired to assist teachers.

Transparency – Parents/Guardians and taxpayers have the right to know where

and how funds are being spent, what students are learning, and actual test

scores. As a property owner, it’s important to know that test scores and district

awards affect property values. Many parents are willing to spend more on a

home in an area with excellent schools.

School safety is extremely important to me. Children are dropped off at school by

someone who cares very much about them. They entrust schools to always keep

them safe. There’s nothing more important than protecting the lives of children,

teachers and staff. This must be a top priority for the entire board.

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